On this episode we have Erik Douds. Erik is a fascinating guy who has a degree in environmental studies and sustainability, and he’s even worked as a research assistant for NASA. His passion for the environment has fueled a number of adventures around the world in search of ways to make in impact. Erik has been involved in oceanography work and has even helped design a national park in Ethiopia.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 16, Erik grew up in the suburbs of NYC. He recalls the many positive influences of big city life and what he describes as all the 'hope and possibilities that allows people to work towards all their dreams’.

As we get into the conversation, Erik shares his grandfather’s lifelong experiences with type 1. Amazingly, his grandfather was diagnosed in 1940, and he ultimately lived to the age of 83 years old. It was clear that his grandfather was a significant influence in Erik’s survivor mindset.

Erik describes his own diagnosis with type 1 as his calling card to take on challenges in life. In addition to venturing out on world travel adventures and marathons, Erik recently set out on a 4500 mile cross country bike trip on the Trans America Trail, he hiked the North Coast Trail with a team of type 1s, and is prepping to now bike down the west coast of the US, and then head back home to the east coast. If you put that all together, that’s biking the entire perimeter of the United States, all while documenting his journey and seeing how he can make an impact along the way.

This is a really interesting conversation of travel, adventure, environmentalism, and positive impact on self as well as the world.


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