Are We Wasting Opportunities To Be Inspired?


Our current world moves at hyper speed, and it's picking up steam every day. The input to our senses can seem maddening at times, and most of the things we are exposed to are not necessarily by choice. We simply accept the fact that the upward spiral of data points is the norm. Ultimately, we let others dictate how we spend our energy. All the while, we are losing touch of what it truly means to be human. We are not yet machines. We do not have the ability to perform an infinite set of calculations without some form of breakdown.

Research has shown that the average human attention span is approximately 8 seconds.

In the year 2000, pre-mobile internet, that number was 12 seconds. It's questionable how this was confirmed, but researchers have pegged the average attention span of a goldfish at 9 seconds. Our attention span has evolved to be less than a goldfish?

Inspiration is a product of being present. Taking that deep inhale and simply observing our environment. Using our senses to their complete capabilities is a dwindling function.

We trade seeing, feeling, hearing, touching and smelling for screen time, or being preoccupied with worries of the past or the future.

Multitasking is rewarded. Mastery and attention to detail is 'old school'. Each day, we lose touch in steady increments. We are slowly becoming numb to our physical surroundings and as a result, to those things and people that may hold the key to inspire us.

When we fail to be present, we then fail to carry the baton forward to inspire those around us.

Why should our eyes not be fixed in the direction of the world that holds the potential to change our view on the world itself, and to truly understand and connect? Why should we not actively seek to be inspired in each and every moment so we can ultimately be the inspiration?