Just Start.


The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. – Walt Disney

Oftentimes when we formulate an idea that might ultimately help us grow beyond our current state. We sit on it. We take our time. We marinate in the thoughts. It can be comforting to take it slow, look at the angles and plan out the appropriate course of action. This can be perceived by our limbic system (the emotional centers of the brain) as the “safe” way to proceed. At times, this is certainly valid. But far to often we get stuck in planning mode. We might doubt our abilities, the importance, or even fall into the well known “analysis/ paralysis” cycle.

If you can think back to your childhood, chances are your creativity flowed effortlessly and you pursued opportunities to explore without fear of falling short of some preconceived notion of what success looked like. “Ready, set and go” took all of three seconds. Then it was off to the races chasing down the dream.

So why do we lose that fearless pursuit of exploration as the years pass? Is it because our brain becomes trained to avoid failure at all cost?

The first step in exploring and expanding our potential is to simply take that first step. Start moving toward that which scares you. Gravitate toward those working to change themselves and their world. Each day accept the challenge to do something you previously believed you were not capable of.

Walt Disney said: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

So, let’s get started.