NOTES: Difficult Choices & Daily Gains

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Personal gains usually come as a result of the toughest choices. There may be short cuts or hacks, but the sustainable growth comes from the difficult day-to-day, minute-by-minute decisions. Rolling up the sleeves and doing the work is the only true path. Understanding the challenge this mindset presents, especially at the initiation of a behavior change, how is it possible to break through and get the wheels moving? Coaches will often tell the athletes they work with to take the big goals and break them down to bite-sized chunks. It is easier to work toward that big hairy goal when you break it down to something that seems more manageable. Same applies when we are working to get from point A to point B in our health, wellness, mindset, etc.


Break down the big stuff into easier to digest pieces and simply put one foot in front of the other, over and over again. Repeat.


The same holds true of our daily food intake and overall dietary picture. It’s rare for someone to completely change the way they eat overnight. The exception is when a true medical necessity knocks down our door and demands it. For most of us, the successful way to change what we eat is by slowly eliminating the poor quality foods and incorporating the beneficial foods over time. This leads to lasting, sustainable dietary changes without feelings of deprivation. It is the journey to wellness that ultimately creates the well-being. Old habits die hard, new habits take time and consistency to build. Every day we have the ability to accumulate the results of our experimentation with micro adjustments that lead us to micro wins. Most of those wins rest on the foundation of the difficult day to day and minute by minute choices we have to make.


'NOTES' is a column based on the belief that there is untapped value to be found as our minds work through a concept. Each column explores stream of consciousness on health, wellness and breakthroughs.