On today’s show we have Dr. Cyrus Khambatta and Robby Barbaro. These guys are two significant forces in the world of diabetes nutrition. You might be familiar with Cyrus through his work under the Mangoman Nutrition moniker, and Robby, aka Mindful Diabetic Robby, is known for his super popular Instagram account and Youtube channel. Together they’ve created 'Mastering Diabetes', which is a philosophy and program designed to help anyone with diabetes reduce insulin resistance and improve their blood glucose levels through a whole foods, plant-based diet. 

We start off our conversation covering both of their diagnosis stories, as well as Cyrus’s diagnosis with not just one, but three autoimmune conditions within a six month timeframe. Cyrus shares the emotional rollercoaster he was on during that time and how he transitioned to a plant-based diet. Robby also discusses his diagnosis as a pre-teen, and his transition to a 100% fruit-based diet.

When we think about how we’re encouraged to eat when we have diabetes, the most common suggestions center around a high protein/ low-carb diet. Based on what Cyrus and Robby tell us in this interview, that particular way of eating might in fact work against us if we’re trying to either reverse type 2 or better manage type 1. The core reason, they say, is insulin resistance from fat that builds in our bodies over time. Their answer equates to a higher carbohydrate/ low-fat, plant based diet, and throughout this interview, Cyrus and Robby address misconceptions associated with their approach

What’s important about Cyrus and Robby’s philosophy is that they not only present anecdotal evidence from their own experimenting, they also focus heavily on the scientific literature to formulate the recommendations they put out into the world. While they admit their approach to diabetes management through a plant-based diet may run counter to popular thinking, they point to the quantitative outcomes they achieve, as well as what their clients experience, including reduced blood-glucose levels and reduced injected insulin needs.

Hold tight because we take this conversation through a solid amount of science (Cyrus is a PhD from UC Berkeley) but both Cyrus and Robby keep the information completely understandable. Even if you are not ready to jump on the whole foods, plant-based diet train, I’m sure this conversation will open your mind a little more to consider the research and science behind it all.


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