Photo by @carynleighphoto

Photo by @carynleighphoto



'The Bravest Life' is the work of Craig Kasper.

Craig was born into the world of 1970s television and music. In the 1980s he embedded himself into the hardcore punk, skate and freestyle bike culture and broke his arm in half in the process (literally). He has an awesome scar on his arm to prove it.

In the 1990s Craig followed a path to become a scientist and a clinician, earning a Master's degree from the University at Buffalo, a Doctorate from the University of Florida and completing his clinical fellowship at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in NYC.

Craig exited the 90s with less of his pancreas in tact and received life-long lessons on surviving and thriving. In the 2000s he created a few businesses and shared his message of health on every major television network and media outlet. Since 2008, Craig has been in private practice in NYC and is the Managing Director of NYHD | Institute For Hearing & Balance. Clinically, he focuses his time on hearing and balance health, with a concentration on balance assessment and balance optimization.

Ever since his life with type 1 diabetes started in 1999, Craig has dedicated himself to the ongoing personal journey of health, fitness, nutrition and wellness and what taking care of mind & body means to achieving success in life.

After almost two decades of wrestling with the daily challenges associated with a chronic health issue, Craig launched 'The Bravest Life' to understand what motivates each one of us to flip the switch and modify our behavior for the better. He was also driven by the journeys and stories of those who have reached higher levels of inner strength and wellness despite the obstacles they have faced. The ultimate goal is to educate, empower, and help others create the healthiest version of themselves regardless of what might fall across their path.