This is an amazing story of hitting rock bottom, overcoming addiction and disease, and turning it all around to make a big impact on the world. What you’re gong to hear is a conversation I had with Adam Sud.

This discussion goes deeper than the topic of diabetes. This goes straight to the core of the reason I started this venture in the first place. It's about reaching breaking points and what we as humans are truly capable of. It's about hitting rock bottom so hard that the only choice you have is for your life to come to an end, or you turn in a totally different direction and recreate yourself from the cellular level on up, and completely rewrite your brain's operating system in the process. All this, simply because you see no other alternative. 

As you’ll learn, most of our lives are not as extreme as Adam's. But what we can learn from him will help us remove any power our excuses may hold. We will also see that improving our situation, our health, and our relationships is a step by step, every day commitment. There is no easy fix at times, there's no hack, and the reality is that old habits are always lurking in the shadows, regardless how far we've come.

In this conversation, Adam takes us on a journey through his childhood in Texas and then how he slipped into an Adderall and fast food addiction. This resulted in Adam spending weeks on his couch, surrounded by fast food wrappers, devising his next plan to get cash to feed his prescription drug addiction. It was only after overdosing that he sought help from his family and entered rehab.

Once there Adam (who was over 300 pounds at that time) was told that he was a type 2 diabetic, and he had significantly elevated cholesterol and blood pressure. He was massively sick, physically, and he was emotionally broken. It was that very diagnosis of diabetes that helped Adam flip a switch that led him to change his relationship with food and himself, and in turn, it changed his relationship with his family and the world around him.

This is an emotional interview at times, but there is so much to learn from Adam’s story. He’s a remarkable guy and in listening to him speak, you can’t help but be personally inspired and root for his continued success. I loved this conversation with Adam and I am so excited to share this episode of the podcast with all of you.


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