Lauren Bongiorno is a meditation teacher, a yogi and a health coach who is contributing to the world in so many different ways. While she spends a good amount of her energy coaching clients with type 1 diabetes to healthier, happier lives, she is also a busy entrepreneur who is working on some next level projects that will allow her to make an impact on even more people than her day to day schedule allows.

In this episode, Lauren and I talk about her diagnosis with diabetes at the age of seven, and how her parents were instrumental in helping her develop a high level of confidence despite that diagnosis. We also talk about her Division 1 college soccer career and her decision to transition away from law school to follow her passion in the world of health and wellness. Lauren also shares, what she calls 'a difficult relationship with food and exercise', and how common eating disorders are in the diabetes community.

We then shift the conversation to her entry into the world of nutrition, yoga and meditation, and how they helped her transition from being unrealistic at times and very hard on herself, to following a path to a more balanced and healthy life. Lauren believes this has allowed her to become more comfortable in her own skin and that it has positively impacted her energy and clarified her mind so she can better connect with the people around her.

This is a conversation of digging in deep, doing the hard work, and learning as much about yourself as possible, so you can make your greatest impact on the world around you.

Lauren is a perfect example of how we can take the diagnosis of diabetes, fight through life’s speed bumps, and then turn the volume up our inner voice to allow our purpose to shine through. She’s super energetic and her mission is to help bring joy to the people around her. When you listen to Lauren, it’s obvious, she not only talks about how to live a better life, she truly walks the walk. I had a great time meeting Lauren and talking to her about her life story.


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