This episode features former pro bodybuilder, and person with type 1 diabetes, Phil Graham. What you’ll hear through our conversation is that Phil is probably one of the most dialed in fitness professionals you’ll ever learn from. In this episode, Phil takes us on a trip through his early years growing up in Northern Ireland where he led the life of an overweight teenager until he started to experience some of the tell-tale signs of diabetes, including significant visual disturbances.

He describes an appointment with his doctor where he was exposed to information that set him full of fear. Phil describes the conversations and visuals, like the belief that all people with diabetes will lose their eyesight or have amputations. That fear served as a motivator and a catalyst to take him from teenage video gamer to a newly diagnosed type 1 who devoured health and nutrition information to help him learn more about his condition and carve his physique in the gym.

One the years, Phil has filled his arsenal with various academic credentials including as a degree in nutrition from Queen’s University Belfast, a post grad diploma in public health promotion, and becoming a Certified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Phil also competed in Junior Mr. Northern Ireland, Mr. Universe, and Mr Britain.

Since his competing days, Phil has focused his sights on coaching, training and counseling countless fitness professionals and competitors around the globe. All of these experiences and work culminated in the release of Phil's book 'The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide'.  

This conversation is deep in science and nutrition at times, but that is what is so amazing about Phil. While there are tons of wellness professionals out there trying to sell us on the 'latest and greatest products', Phil is only selling knowledge. Knowledge that he has gained from his many hours researching and studying peer reviewed papers, as well as his significant dedication to studying his own body through training for some of the most competitive bodybuilding events on the planet.

I learned a ton from Phil in this conversation and unfortunately I could not keep him on the line for a longer period of time because he had a prior commitment. So if you guys like this one, let me know what you got out of it and what questions you would want Phil to address in the future, and I’m sure I can get him back on the show for another round.


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