Elliot Gatt

Elliot Gatt was born in England, and at the age of seven, his parents moved his family to Canada. Elliot’s parents are artists, and that right-brained thinking has proven invaluable in his current role as entrepreneur.

In our conversation, Elliot shares his initial beliefs that type 1 placed limitations on him, especially when it came to physical activity. This stemmed from words his doctor expressed at the time his diagnosis, as well as a seizure Elliot experienced following a bike ride. Elliot's account of those events were the most ironic part of our conversation, considering just this past summer Elliot joined another recent guest on the podcast, Sid Sharma, on the Beyond Type 1 bike journey across the US. 

The most important lesson we learn from Elliot is that one person truly has the ability to change the mindset of world.

Not too long ago, Elliot launched his company Good Glucos with the mission to provide affordable, basic diabetes management to everyone, regardless of their economic situation. We talk quite a bit about the early experiences in Elliot’s life that served as the catalyst for his work with Good Glucos, as well as the challenges and triumphs of running a start-up in a very competitive space.

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