Chris Ruden

Self-defined as ‘The only 7-fingered, diabetic speaker, adversity coach, and elite powerlifter you know’, Chris Ruden was born with his left arm being shorter than his right and having only two fingers on his left hand. Our conversation takes us through Chris’s childhood in Florida, the bullying he encountered, and a defining breakdown to breakthrough moment Chris experienced with his mother. 

Chris then takes us through his diagnosis with type 1 diabetes at the age of 19, and how that shifted his mindset even further and led him down a path of bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Our conversation is a journey through disability to a demonstration of ultimate abilities. What we come to understand is that not only is Chris an adaptive athlete who has broken numerous state records for powerlifting competing against ‘able-bodied competitors’, but he is also passionate about creating a winning mindset, not only for lifting, but also across all spectrums of life.

We talk stoic philosophy, lifting heavy things, donuts, and how advanced prosthetics might soon be entering the picture for Chris.


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