The Betes Bros

On this episode, I talk with Chris Pickering. Some of you might be familiar with the work Chris is doing with his new non-profit called The Betes Bros, and on this episode we cover his upbringing in rural Oklahoma and his unique family history with type 1. 

Chris and I then get into his dance with severe depression. In our conversation, Chris reveals how the highs and lows of diabetes started to impact his internal and external world. He describes how he simply started to give up, little by little each day, to the point where it was hard for him to simply motivate himself to get out of bed. 

It got so dark, that Chris took steps to quietly take his own life. Thankfully, his attempt was not successful. 

This is a conversation about the importance of community, it’s about finding our worth in the lowest of moments, and its about how one man's emotional journey has guided him to carve a path to service.

Just a heads up, we go to some pretty dark places in this conversation, but this is real stuff. There are a number of studies in the peer-reviewed literature clearly demonstrating the increased incidence of depression in those living with diabetes. I personally believe these honest conversations and personal accounts are critical to share with the world. Even if it shows just one person, who might be in a bad place, that there is hope and true possibility, I guess that’s really what truly matters. 

So one other thing, I have to apologize in advance for the sound quality on Chris’s voice at times. We did have some technical difficulties, there’s a bit more noise than I would like, and we did get cut off at the very end. That said, I feel the content is what really matters here because of the story that we uncover during the time I spoke with Chris. So I hope you can overlook the sound issues during this episode, we did the best we could with the variables.


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