Chef Tommy Fields

On today’s show we have Chef Tommy Fields. Chef Tommy literally grew up in the kitchen. His story started in the challenging world of Detroit, Michigan, and we talk about the significant effort his mom and grandmother took to share the important lessons of hard work and good food to keep him on a straight and narrow path.

Ultimately Tommy took those lessons and became a Navy chef cooking for thousands of people and teaching young recruits how to prepare for the rigors of feeding the Navy.

This is a conversation about Chef Tommy’s unique journey, but we also spend a significant amount of time talking about his philosophy of changing our mindset as is relates to food, and he shares his tips on eating simple, accessible foods, without being restrictive. All of this in an effort for each of us to create healthy daily patterns.

Chef Tommy really operates at that transition point between unhealthy eating choices and those first steps to getting on the path to better food choices. He doesn’t promote a specific diet necessarily, he just provides real talk on real food.


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