This is a very special episode of the podcast for me. The conversation you’re about to hear is with someone I have known for about 40 years, and I am very excited to share this with all of you.

US Army Colonel Michael Sullivan and I became friends in pre-school. While life took us on different paths, I knew when I launched the podcast last year, he was a person I had to have on as a guest.

In our conversation, Colonel Sullivan (who prefers to be called ‘Sully’) shares his early childhood fascination with the US Military Academy at West Point, which ultimately solidified his path to service. We talk about internal vs. external motivation and we discuss the importance of lacrosse early in is life which led to him to play Division I lacrosse for West Point. He also talks about the most important lessons he learned during his time as a Cadet.

We then discuss his military service which has had him deployed to some of the most challenging places on the planet. Sully shares insights he has gained by leading huge groups of soldiers, as well as the work he does to continuously improve himself.

If that’s not enough, Sully recently completed his PhD at Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

In our conversation we cover the topics of adversity, discomfort, leadership, stoicism, and the importance of hitting rock bottom.

(NOTE: I refer to Colonel Sullivan throughout this conversation as 'Lt Colonel’. As you’ll hear in the interview, despite his achievements, he is super humble, and does not correct me. But I just need to go on record, Sully is in fact a Colonel, so I apologize to Colonel Sullivan for my error during the show.)


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The Daily Stoic - Ryan Holiday

Gates of Fire - Steven Pressfield


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